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Near The End

Today I was thinking about when Charmed ends, what would I do? Well I would still have the dvds but there would be no more new epiosodes to be happy about or to see. I wish Charmed would go on for another season, but they will never.
Soon Charmed will end and I will never see my fave Charmed ones again, but I still have the dvds as I have said.
What do you think?
MaddiCharmed xxx


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Piper Halliwell


As soon as Charmed started Piper was the drama mama. Now she kicks demon but and saves the world on a dayly baces.
In season 1 Piper fell head over heels for whitelighter Leo, but as soon as Season 2 came around Piper gave up on Leo and fell in love with neighbour Dan. But soon after Piper having to go to the hospital because of a bit, Leo saved her and then she knew she love him more than neighbour Dan.
In Season 3 Piper married Leo, but also lost her big sister Prue. But when Season 4 approched she found out about there half-sister, Paige Matthews. At the end of Season 4 Piper found out she was pregnant and near the end of season 5 baby Wyatt was born. But at the end of Season 6 Piper had another baby boy, Chris Perry Halliwell.

I’m not going any further with Piper, becuase there will be more up-dates soon on seasons.
MaddiCharmed xxx

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The spell that the Charmed Ones killed Jermey with is called the power of three spell. This is how you say it.

‘The Power Of Three Will Set Us Free’

A simple spell but killed the warlock and the Charmed Ones were back to there normal lives. Yeah right!


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Charmed Talk

So you like Charmed you say well come vist or join the amazing Charmed Fourm that I go onto to talk about Charmed. This is just like scribblers abode and writers hangout, but all about Charmd. Come join and join in on the fun.
Heres the link to the cool Charmed place. But even though you go there, please come back here!
Please come have a look, we are looking for new members everyday so we can get together and talk about Charmed. Just thank me, lol.

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Phoebe Halliwell


The book of shadows helds heaps of spells and the most inportant one was the Power Of Three one. Plus the one that gave them there powers and who do we thank for that? No other than the daring Phoebe Halliwell. She gave the Charmed ones there powers and she was the only one out of Prue and Piper, plus herself, that believed they were witchs from the start. If we didn’t have Phoebe, there would be no Charmed Ones!

Phoebe is played by Alyssa. A beautiful actress, with sense of adventure. But Phoebe wasn’t always going to be played by Alyssa. But before Alyssa there was a girl named Lori (I think). But Alyssa gave them the Charm and made poor Lori’s dream fail. I feel sorry for Lori, but I think that Phoebe should be played by Alyssa any day!

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Charming Life

In the year 1999, Prue, Piper and Phoebe recived there powers and became the most powerful witchs in the life time.
The first demon they vanished was Jermey, Piper’s boyfriend which they started going out when Grams was moved to the hospital.
When Phoebe fond the book of shadows she read aloud a spell that made there powers come to life. The only thing that changed, other than getting there powers was, a picture of the three of them. They moved together and soon became the power of three.
Three years later poor Prue died and Paige Matthews took her place. Soon they vanished Shax who killed Prue. Soon after they killed the sourse and soon after Cole.
Soon came along Bille and changed there life forever.

Hope you like these small facts of Charmed and hoped they helped your Charmed Life!

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Prue Halliwell


Ok so at the end of season 3 we were all shocked as Prue and Piper flew threw a wall. Yourthinking, they will live! But as soon as Season 4 begins we are at Prue’s Furnreal! She diedbut Piper survied. This is were we meet Paige Matthews, who became a sister Piper and Phoebe. The power of three regains, but forever we lost Prue!

Name: Prudence Halliwell
Nickname: Prue
Birthday: 28 October 1970
Astrological sign: Scorpio
Died: 2001 (kiled by Shax, demon)
Husband/Wife: married to Zile (warlock, dark wedding), only very short
dated Roger, Andy Trudeau, Bane, Jack Sharidan
Father: Victor Bennett
Mother: Patty Halliwell
Siblings: Paige (half sister), Phoebe, Piper

The first of Prue’s powers was Telekinesis, which is the ability to move objects with the mind. Prue could channel this power through her eyes to begin with, and then her hands as she became more skilled at using the gift.
Astral Projection
The second power Prue received was Astral Projection. Through her mind she could project her image to another place. This was a power that became very useful for her and the Charmed Ones.

Season 1: 1991 Mazda Miata (black):she drives a black Sebring, plate 2WAQ233
Season 2: 1999 Mazda Miata (black) from 2×1-2×19
2000 BMW X5 4.4i (black) from 2×20-2×22*
season 3: BMW from season 2SUV
Bucklands Auction House
Photographer for Four One Five magazine.
food: sandwich with turkey, no mayo
Greatest fear: drowning and that someone will kill her sisters.

Hope you liked the facts of the oldest Charmed one and hope to see more of her.

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